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Dear Children,

Education is a joyful choice. It must be offered, made to flow within and not forced upon the mind. It must be according to nature and need of a child because everyone develops according to his own nature. What you persue, you will never forget but what is imposed upon you, it will never be useful in your life.

Every child has a certain element of genius. Our job is to provide the right kind of ambience to unfold the particular genius. A plant grows itself, does the gardner grow it ? He just provides the necessary environment to it, it is the plant itself that does its own growing. Much in the same way a child educates himself on his own and the teacher facilitates to promote the growth of the individual in self direction. There is a Chinese proverb that “Everything can be learnt but nothing can be Taught.”

Learning is from womb of tomb. It comes by doing. And doing is nothing but an accumulation of knowledge of mistakes. So, errors are the points of learning. Knowledge results from the grasping and transforming experience.

Education is not just about learning by rote. It is an opportunity to explore how to use your body, your mind, your emotion, everything in a certain way. We say Newton discovered gravitation. Was it sitting anywhere in a corner waiting for him ? It was in his own mind : the time came and he found it.

We should never misunderstand memory as intelligence. Projecting good memory as intelligence is going to go away. Everything that you can do with your memory, a machine will be able to do better than you. Intelligence means the ability to apply your knowledge and skills in the right direction. Once your intelligence turns against you,  no power in the universe can save you. It is very important that your body, mind, emotions and energy should work truthfully to attain the real motto of education. It is a must to become conscious of yourself to work for perfection. It is an assiduous study which demands much perseverance and sincerity. It is also desirable to go beyond the textbooks for proper studies. The main learning resources beyond the text books are – Library, Newspaper and periodicals, electronic media, activities in and out of the school, visiting local institutions, visiting public places and working places. Learning should no longer be restricted just to the classroom. Students must venture outdoors to learn how to connect with their environment. Nature can help a student feel more attentive, less stressed, more self-disciplined more engaged, more interested and more physically active and fit. It is rightly said by William Shakespeare that ‘one touch of Nature makes the whole world kin.” Prove yourself to be a true learner.

Push yourself to “Think Beyond”…….

Blessings and good Luck !


R. J. K. Reddy





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Managed By DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi
Affiliated to CBSE, NEW DELHI UPTO + 2 LEVEL
AFFILIATION NO: 3430111 , SCHOOL NO: 66307
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