Managed By DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, Affiliated to CBSE, NEW DELHI UPTO + 2 LEVEL, AFFILIATION NO: 3430111, SCHOOL NO: 66307
Guidelines for Parents  


  • Use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher and check the diary for homework and the teacher’s remark if any.
  • Sign the test copies /papers, notices and circulars as and when sent home.
  • See that your ward has all the textbooks, items of stationary, craft materials etc .and all the books and notebooks are covered with brown paper.
  • Ensure that your ward comes to school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair, and clean nails and with identity card / Transport Card provided by the school.
  • Send the children regularly and punctually to School No absence will be permitted without a leave application and late comers will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Intimate the school in case of change in address, telephone numbers.
  • The parents / guardians must attend the parent-teacher meets.
  • General rules and fee rules may kindly be adhered strictly.


  • Do not send the child to school in case of an infectious disease and a medical certificate should be furnished from a medical authority at the time of rejoining the school after illness.
  • Do not walk the class room, or meet the teacher directly. Please see the teacher with prior appointment through the Principal / in charge.
  • Do not send money or valuable articles with the students.
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Managed By DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi
Affiliated to CBSE, NEW DELHI UPTO + 2 LEVEL
AFFILIATION NO: 3430111 , SCHOOL NO: 66307
Principal Office: 7482067575
School: 7482077575
Transport: 9934520914

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